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The new Club MCE has been live for a month now and the season has begun! If you still haven't signed up here's a step by step guide to getting on the system so you can apply for all the fabulous benefits that come with Club MCE!

The only way you will be able to get signed up to Club MCE is through Big Ed's Facebook page but fear not! If you don't have Facebook, signing up is easy - all you need is an email address and access to the internet.

To help you get started on Facebook I've listed a simple step by step guide below:

  1. Go to
  2. On the page you land on you will need to fill in a few brief details including:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Email
    • Create a password
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
  3. Then Click 'sign up'
  4. You will then be giving the option to add friends, just click skip.
  5. Then the option to add education and work, just click skip.
  6. On the final page click, save and continue.
  7. Now you're in, click the search bar at the top of the page and type 'Big Ed'
  8. A drop down menu will appear, under 'Pages' you will see 'Big Ed - Athlete', with a picture of Big Ed, click on it.
  9. Now you are on Big Ed's Page, click 'like'
  10. Click the button for Club MCE which you will see under my cover photo
  11. Now you're in to Club MCE and can register for experiences as well as selecting a round to collect your lanyard from

When you go back into Facebook all you will need is your email address and password you created to log in. Then simply follow steps 7 to 11 to get back to the new Club MCE sign up area.

Other things to consider

Have you got JavaScript turned on? Club MCE requires it to work and will not recognize your details if not turned on.

Are you on mobile? Make sure you are in your browser and that it's set to 'desktop view'.

Which postcode are you using? Needs to be the postcode of the address your details are sent to.

Club MCE benefits

Hang out with a rider: This is your chance to get up close and personal with a top MCE BSB rider and ask those burning questions. All whilst relaxing on a bean bag in a garage, on the pit straight or even on track!

Pit Walk (+1): Get the red carpet treatment and take a stroll down the pits before anyone else can. This is your exclusive chance to chat to the teams and riders as they make their final preparations.

Helmet & Leather park: It doesn't get much better than taking your own bike to a race meeting, but once you are there, we all know that leathers and helmets can be a real pain to carry around! With Club MCE you get free storage of your gear at the Riders for Health lorry. MCE raises money on behalf of Club Members by auctioning MCE BSB merchandise throughout the season so that members can use this facility for free!

Grid Walk (+1): Nobody gets onto the grid except MCE BSB riders, MCE BSB teams, Eurosport film crews and you. Meet the pit girls, access free giveaways and have your picture taken with Big Ed and the MCE Smilers. Lovely.

Ride the Track: Before selected rounds of the MCE BSB, jump on your bike and experience the circuit first hand. Feel the lumps and bumps and get a true flavour of just how good these guys really are!

Safety Car Laps in the Nissan GTR: This season the MCE BSB safety cars will be the awesome Nissan GTR - on-track Lamborghini killer. Now's your chance to experience it first hand - jump in one of our safety cars for a flying lap: definitely something you won't forget in a hurry (but don't forget a change of underwear)!

Pillion Laps with top MCE BSB Riders: This provides the opportunity to ride pillion with one of the UK's leading riders around the most exciting race circuits. If you're brave enough you will need your own one piece leather, helmet and some spare pants!

Become Official Pit Crew: Here is your chance to get a feel for what a day in the life of a race team is like. Limited to one place per round, one lucky club member gets to spend their day with an MCE British Superbike team. Some of the things you can expect include getting hands on with tyres, the chance to ask those burning questions to the team manager and understand more about the electronics involved in the set up of a superbike.

Behind the Scenes with Eurosport: It is what it says on the tin! This is the exclusive of all exclusives with only one place per round for a club member to spend their day Behind the Scenes with Eurosport. You will get to see inside the Eurosport production suite and watch live MCE BSB footage being edited, hang out with the presenters standing within inches of the riders during their post-race interviews on top of access to areas that only media are permitted to be in!

Hope this answers any questions you may have about the new sign up process! See you at the MCE BSB!

09.04.13 - Big Ed

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