Depardieu banned for drink driving

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Famous French actor Gerard Depardieu has been banned from driving for six months after he crashed his scooter last year whilst riding under the influence of alcohol. The flamboyant star could have been jailed for two years but escaped that fate and received the 6 month ban and a 4000 Euro fine.

The incident happened late November last year in Paris and left Depardieu with an injured elbow when he came off his scooter, no one else was involved. It turned out he was three times over the legal alcohol limit.

With top roles in more than 100 movies, Depardieu is one of the France's best-known actors. He is known for making headlines for reasons other that his films though, for example, the time he urinated in the isle of an Air France flight as it prepared to take off.

Depardieu's lawyer commented on the court's judgement, "Naturally we are disappointed to the extent that we had sought an acquittal".

26.06.13 - Big Ed

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