DSA facing backlash over cancelled tests

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As we all know the Motorcycle License Directive came into force on the 19th of January. Basically meaning that 17-year olds will now have to do a number of tests to be able to ride the motorbike they want. Read more information here and also make use of the handy License Changes Infographic.

In the run up to the changes test centres saw a rush of budding motorcyclists signing up to get their test done before the changes came in. All slots were booked up on the dates before the 19th. But then the snow came, test centres across the country were closed down and lots missed out on getting their tests done.

But surely the DSA will honour the tests that were booked before the 19th and follow the old License rules. No such luck, any of the tests that were cancelled now come under the new rules and many 17-year olds have been left fuming.

It's just another kick in the teeth for young motorcyclists. There were just over 900 tests cancelled due to the snow, that's 900 young people who will now be forced onto smaller machines for the next 5 years when they should have been able to ride what they wanted.

As reported in MCN, Stuart Hinchly has submitted a petition to the government after his 17-year daughter's test was cancelled on January 18th. The petition calls for those tests that were cancelled to be re-booked under the old rules that would have been in force at the time. The petition can be found here.

Let's hope it gets somewhere and is not brushed under the carpet like so many other motorbike related issues.

31.01.13 - James Davey

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