DVLA data to be released to insurers

MCE Insurance

The government is bringing in new measures that will allow motor insurers to have access to DVLA data on driver's convictions and penalty points.

The new system is intended to cut the amount of fraud seen under the current system where the driver declares their details. The new system will be tested from February and aims to tackle the 23% of motorists that fail to accurately disclose their records to insurers. The new system should cut out more fraudulent claims and in turn start to bring down premiums. This is the newest step taken by insurers and the government in the fight against false whiplash claims.

Director of the RAC Foundation motoring organisation, Stephen Glaister, commented, "The cost of insurance has gone through the roof over recent years and anything that enables premiums to more realistically reflect a motorist's risk and driving record should help bring down the cost of running a car for those who tell the truth."

Quote taken from BBC News

26.11.13 - MCE Insurance

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