DVLA make changes to cut red tape

MCE Insurance

The DVLA has recently made some serious changes to some of its core systems in an attempt to cut red tape for motorists. The latest change is scrapping the need for insurance documents when taxing a vehicle.

Previously when taxing a vehicle (new or old) the motorist would have to produce a valid insurance document before the vehicle could be taxed. This has now been abolished making the process a whole lot easier. This change has been possible because of the checks that the DVLA now carry out on all vehicles throughout the year. The Continuous Insurance Enforcement program runs comparing the DVLA records with the Motor Insurance Database making sure there are no anomalies. This constant process removes the need for the old system.

Robert Goodwill Roads Minister said, "We want to make it as easy as possible for motorists to access government services. Getting rid of needless bits of paper, making changes to free up motorists' time, while saving money for the taxpayer, is all part of our commitment to get rid of unnecessary red tape."

For more information visit the DVLA.

24.12.13 - MCE Insurance

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