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Hi! Big Ed here - summer's on the doorstep and there's nothing better than getting your motor running, heading out on the highways of Europe, looking for adventure and whatever comes your way. The thrill of discovering new roads, stunning scenery and great food as you move from town to town, region to region, country to country is surely one of the best ways to travel.

Before you get too carried away and start believing you're Ewan McGregor, it's important to make sure you have the correct insurance coverage and paperwork so read our helpful tips and advice for biking abroad.

  • Make sure you have your motorbike insured, travel insurance, European Health Insurance Card, Green Card (if needed), vehicle registration document, MOT, licence, passport, breakdown policy and a GB sticker if your bike's number plate doesn't have the EU marking.
  • Check with your insurance provider that you're covered to ride a motorbike abroad and for medical expenses resulting from an accident. 30 Day European cover comes as standard with all MCE bike policies!
  • Take photocopies of documents and keep them separate to your other documents.
  • Check that you're MOT and road tax doesn't run out when you are on holiday as this could invalidate your insurance.
  • Make sure your breakdown cover is valid for the countries you're visiting.
  • Familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the countries you are visiting. It's good to know which side of the road you should ride on before you set off and see a truck coming towards you...
  • As ever - always wear a helmet and protective clothing, whether you're driving the bike or a pillion passenger. Travelling by motorbike is more dangerous than by car so ride defensively and expect the unexpected.
  • Don't drive when you're tired and take regular breaks on long journeys.

Oh and don't forget to bring a good road map!

With careful planning and responsible riding, you'll have the trip of a lifetime!

09.05.2011 - Big Ed

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