Ed's Up! - Winter Riding

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Big Ed from MCE Insurance here!

To get you through the colder months I'm going to give you some tips on safe winter riding.

  • Keep your tyres and bike maintained at all times. Shoddy tyres are not going to cut it on snowy roads and icy driveways. It's up to you to make sure you have the right grip and durability in your tyres. If you haven't checked them this winter, do it now.
  • Dress properly - wear clothes with reflective stripes on, gloves, and proper hats. This really can make the difference to your safety in extreme weather. Cold hands and feet are far less reactive to the unexpected, so keep them warm and protected. Arai or Nolan helmets will also protect you from unexpected tumbles.
  • Be observant! That water filled pothole that looks like a puddle; the child running across the road part-blinded by the rain; and the overhanging tree branch obscured by the early darkness can all be avoided if you keep your wits about you and remember that you need to be three times as observant in the winter. Check weather forecasts to give you that extra bit of foresight; this will help you plan your safest route home.
  • Make sure you're insured! No matter how much advice you take on board there is always going to be other people on the roads causing accidents. No-one wants to be bed bound with a broken leg or worse, unable to work. MCE delivers a first-class service and provides the best customer experience at every opportunity. Whether you are into super sports bikes or scooters, 16 years old or 86 years old - MCE insure any bike, any value, for any age. And what's more is RAC Breakdown is included in all policies! Visit or call 0844 338 67 66 for a quote today.

14.12.2011 - Big Ed

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