EU Gender Directive - The Facts

MCE Insurance

From the 21st of December there will be big changes for women when it comes to getting insurance for vehicles. Under the new EU Gender Directive, insurance companies will have to take sex out of the equation even if it does go against statistics.

Women have enjoyed cheaper vehicle insurance for years as Insurance companies have been able to discriminate. Men have had to pay more due to younger male drivers being more likely to have a serious crash. In fact males under 22 are almost 10 times more likely to have a serious crash, 25 times more likely to commit a driving offence and twice as likely to make an insurance claim.

Under the new directive, these statistics in relation to sex will have to be overlooked and a more universal pricing structure will be put in place. Basically levelling the playing field. Women could be paying up to an extra 25% on your policies whereas men will see their policies drop by an estimated 9%. For women that could be as much as an extra £30 a month.

Many women have expressed concern about not being able to afford the new prices leaving them with no choice but to re-evaluate their current transport situation. Insurance companies are suggesting to women to renew their policies before the Directive comes in or be prepared for the price hike next year.

28.11.12 - James Davey

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