Has the Panigale saved the superbike?

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At £19,750 and 195BHP, the most anticipated bike of 2012 is here - but can the Ducati Panigale reignite our passion for all things ultra fast? With the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Ducati road bike, it's as light as a sports 600 with huge 112mm pistons (the biggest of any current car and bike manufacturer). It's also stuffed with electronics and pre-set riding modes which at the touch of a button give you differing levels of throttle response, traction control, power delivery, ABS and engine braking.

MCN has put the new Ducati through everything to test this stunning bike on the track; on the road; as well as on the TT course! Adam Child, senior road tester for MCN said: 'At the Verandah it feels like the Panigale is smirking - it could have gone another 20mph quicker..."

Faster round a track than an S1000RR and as good on the road as a Fireblade - as an object of desire nothing touches the Ducati Panigale.

Verdict: "A motorcycle milestone and technical tour de force imbued with the most compelling character and rewarding tactility of any bike in the class." (The Telegraph)

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25.04.2012 - MCE Insurance

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