Honda to Tackle the Supercharged Market?

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The biggest buzz of 2014 in the biking world was undoubtedly the unveiling of Kawasaki's supercharged H2. This bike has captivated people worldwide due to not only its incredible specs, but also brutish appearance bolstered by viral videos demonstrating the sound of the engine whilst on a dyno-run. However for many, the price tag of £22,000 for the road version is somewhat impractical. Combine that with the limited number Kawasaki has declared will be produced; it appears the H2 will be more of a pin-up bike than the everyday commuter...

However, Honda's recent patents are indications that they may also be attempting to introduce a supercharged model into the market. The NC750S appears to the model that the prototype is based on, and it seems from first inspection to be a realistic venture for Honda. The supercharger could effectively double the standard 750's output to 100bhp, as well as paralleling the current models impressively low emissions and fuel economy.

With the inclusion of a front fairing on the patent it seems that Honda are trying to entice the audience of the more powerful superbikes, demonstrating that they are hoping to be a big player in the newly emerging supercharged market.

In comparison to the H2, the NC750 will never compete with the bikes sheer power, however with regards to both efficiency and the basic mechanics; Honda's prototype appears to be the better designed. The large luggage space under the dummy fuel tank appears to be the perfect spot for the crankshaft-driven supercharger. Another interesting addition is the intercooler that will be installed on the bike, cooling the air down for maximum efficiency in the chamber, something the H2 does not have.

Overall, it's inarguably very early days, with Kawasaki's patent to production duration lasting 4 years, we may not be seeing the fruits of Honda's labour for quite some time. However, it could be argued that Kawasaki have created an unobtainable dream bike, whereas Honda are in the process of creating a bike that is not only low on emissions and fuel consumption, but also a powerful contender in the motorcycle market as a whole.

10.12.2014 - MCE Insurance

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