Honesty is the best policy

MCE Insurance

Ongoing government changes to the law aiming to tackle fraud in the motor insurance sector have started to lower premiums, but there is also a step the customer can take to keep their prices low.

The easiest way to save money on your insurance is to be honest and upfront with your insurer. High prices over the last few years have created a trend where customers choose not to disclose all the details of the vehicle, where it is kept and how they are using it. It may lower your premium initially but when it comes to making a claim or changing details you could be charged, not be covered or worse face criminal charges for fraud.

The lesson to be learned here is be honest with your insurer, if you give them the correct details for the cover you require they will endeavour to get you the best deal. Insurance is a regulated business and as long as all the details are correct with the company, they'll be on your side. Don't get caught out commuting if you haven't disclosed it, if your bike gets nicked, you may not be covered.

10.11.2014 - Big Ed

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