Big Ed's Workshop: How to change your bike's oil and oil filter

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Items you will need:

A torque wrench: Here's a link

An oil filter: Here's a link

A tray and funnel: Here's a link

Get the engine warmed up so that old oil is less viscious and will flow freely back down into the crankcases and fully drain out. Undo the oil filler cap to prevent any air-locks.

Make sure you've got a recepticle right under the drain plug before you start to undo the drain bolt and that it's large enough to hold the oil. Wear gloves to avoid any burns from hot oil.

Once the oil is drained, replace the drain plug and torque it to the right setting. Move the tray under the filter. Use a socket attachment or strap-type tool.

Clean the filter housing threads and smear a little oil on the rubber seal on the new filter. Spin it up hand-tight, then add half-a-turn to squeeze the rubber seal tight. Don't overtighten.

Check the oil capacity of your bike and pour in the measured amount using a funnel. Don't rush, or it could backflow onto the garage floor. Have a paper towel ready to catch any drips.

Once close to the required amount, check the oil-level sightglass. If it's visible, stop, screw on the filler cap and start the bike briefly to circulate the oil, then recheck and top up as necessary.

08.01.14 - Big Ed

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