How to make your ride a movie

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Personal video cameras fitted to bikes and helmets have become a regular sight for bikers everywhere. With advances in technology allowing filming devices to get smaller and smaller attaching the cameras to you and your bike has become a lot easier. Not only does it provide great HD video for the owners viewing pleasure but on the road it can be used as evidence against other drivers should the worst happen. They can't argue if it's caught on film! Here's my guide to some great cameras on the market.

Firstly the amount you spend on a camera will directly affect the quality of your films. Cheaper cameras are easier on the wallet but will not provide amazing HD footage that you may require. Pick a camera that matches your needs, if you want amazing on track footage perhaps it's worth forking out some more.

  • Go-Pro Hero 3 - The king of all on the go HD cameras. Go-Pro have been on the market for a number of years and their cameras have developed with them. The picture quality on these devices is second to none and they are incredibly versatile. With plenty of add on attachments you can basically put it anywhere you want on machine or man. The only downside is the price, for a brand new one with a pack of goodies you'll probably be spending over £400 but saying that you are getting the best on the market.
  • Drift Ghost-S - The Drift Ghost-S is very similar in quality to that of the Go-Pro and is used by MCE BSB for the on track shots from the rider's bikes. The beauty of this little camera is that it's slim and can be easily placed inside fairings making it the perfect partner for motorcycles. Another bonus to the drift is that it's fully waterproof and doesn't require extra casings to keep it safe again keeping the size down. This camera is slightly cheaper than the Go-Pro but once you've added the odd mount the prices will be getting close.
  • DogCam Bullet HD - The bullet is probably the smallest camera of the lot, it's literally the size of a bullet. Cheaper options are available but of course you sacrifice picture quality. You can pick up a decent one for under £200 and this would do for the daily commute but probably not all out action movies.

Those are my picks of the best cameras out there, obviously there are plenty more on the market but these are trusted brands and ones I've used myself. Shop around and pick a camera that best suits your needs and you'll be laughing all the way to your home cinema!

27.06.14 - Big Ed

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