How to... make your sports bike lighter!

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We all want to get that little bit more out of our sports bike, but sometimes if not done correctly the results can be catastrophic, so here are a few tips on how to make your sports bike lighter.

First of all the benefits of a lighter bike include better braking, improved acceleration and increased agility. However if not implemented correctly you could compromise the quality, durability and reliability, plus a whole heap of cash! Just by following the two steps below you will be reaping the benefits of a lighter bike in no time:

  1. Removing the majority of the weight from the lower part of the bike will raise the centre of gravity reducing the need to lean so far when going into corners. It is worth noting however that on some bikes this may increase the chance of wheeling slightly.
  2. Changing the wheels to aluminium makes for a lighter bike with the same amount of strength. The forging process will further improve the lightness and strength of your bike. The benefit is two-fold enhancing braking and acceleration.

Following these 2 steps results in less wheel mass and in turn will allow the bike turn more easily at faster speeds. Reducing the weight also reduces the pressure on the suspension whilst maintaining stability - something every rider wants.

17.09.12 - Big Ed

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