How to pick a good riding school

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  1. Phone a friend - if you're just getting in to biking it's likely that you know someone else who is too. They will be able to tell you what they did/didn't like about the training school they used for their test.
  2. Check out yellow pages or google local bike training schools in your area
  3. Review each of their websites
  4. Ring around the ones that you like the most. Be honest and tell them if you don't know a lot about how the test works. If they are asking you lots of questions this is a good sign that they understand your individual needs and put you on the right course, on the right bike.
  5. Another important question to ask is PRICE. Is everything included? You want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. There isn't a set price and each school charges slightly differently so work this to your budget.
  6. Want to get a better idea of what happens on a CBT? Ask if you can go and watch! Better yet, Get On offers free trials for you to get a feel for what it's like. They will ask you questions about what your main use for the bike will be - commuting, travelling, trackdays or just a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride? This will help them advise you on what bike to ride.
  7. Check if the training school you prefer is a member of the official governing body, the Motor Cycle Industry Trainers Association. Members of this body must conform to a certain level of standards so you know you should be in good hands.
  8. Often manufacturers will recommend riding schools and put a lot into these schemes, insisting on very high standards.
  9. Lastly, don't rush. Shop around and find a school that suits your needs best!

19.07.12 - Big Ed

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