How to save pounds on your Bike Insurance

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There are many ways you can help to bring the cost of your motorbike insurance down - keeping your bike anchored in the garage at night and paying a higher excess. I've put together some more tips to ensure you have the best level of cover this summer without paying through the roof:

Riding solo?

Taking your bike out for a spin without the weight of a passenger slowing you down this summer? Tell us! Most insurers assume you need cover for pillion passengers but if you're choosing to ditch your buddy on the back and take the roads alone make sure you let us know as it will bring your premium down.

What about your helmet, leathers and gloves?

Your helmet, leathers and gloves are the second most expensive part of being a biker. With some helmets and one piece race suits setting you back hundreds of pounds its no wonder MCE have got you covered from the word go. With every MCE Insurance policy sold we include level 1 Helmet and Leathers cover (upto £500). And if you've got a more expensive bit of kit to cover - ask about MCE Options where we can upgrade your level of cover to £1000.

Modifications galore!

Unlike some of our competitors there is no restrictive number of modifications at MCE that will stop us striving to get the best insurance deal for you. Whether performance enhancing or just a way of expressing your personality through your pride and joy - my advice is always tell us about any changes made to your bike to ensure that your policy is fully equipped to cover your dream machine!

How many miles do you really do?

It's common for people to assume they do the same number of miles on their bike as they do in their car but if you take your time to really think about the annual mileage of your motorbike, scooter or moped you might be surprised! This can bring your insurance down no end so be sure you've got the mileage right when requesting a quote either online or over the phone.

Security Devices - a bikes personal body guard with instant discounts!

If you use industry approved security measures we can chop up to 10% off your premium. From immobilisers to heavy duty locks and ground anchors - you should detail every bit of security you have on your bike otherwise it will be assumed that you only have the minimum factory security settings. If fitting them retrospectively just remember to make sure they're Thatcham approved!

20.04.2012 - Big Ed

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