In need of storing advice? Here are some Big Ed pointers

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Well if unlike me you want to store your bike for the better weather here are some top tips for making sure when it comes to getting on your two wheels it'll be happy riding:

1. Store your bike correctly- keep it away from direct sunlight the temperature will attract condensation so cover windows and use a specially designed bike cover because sheets will not absorb the moisture correctly.

2. Surface protection- Wax and polish, no this isn't time to reminisce while giving it a squeaky clean, the wax will act like a barrier against any rust or moisture. You'll thank me later.

3. Change the oil- If the oil is left the by-products of combustion produce acids in the oil harming inner metal surfaces. Warm oil drains much faster and more completely so heat it up before draining.

4. Remove the battery- Motorcycles often use a small current drain even when it's turned off so take that boy outta there!

5. Prevent rust on your exhaust and Mufflers- Spray a bit of WD-40 into the muffler ends and drain holes. Lightly stick a shopping bag into the end of each muffler hole this will prevent moisture getting inside, then finally cover will a final shopping bag. Aha your wife will be happy she kept that horde of plastic bags now!

6. Keep your tyres as good as new- when it gets cold the air in your tyres will condense meaning the rubber will shrink and harden in cold weather so get that pump out and keep them topped out to avoid cracking. Also put some wood/cardboard under each wheel to keep it elevated from the concrete floor. Brrrrrr!

7. Check those fluids- Brake and clutch fluids are 'hygroscopic' (check me out with my big words) which means they absorb moisture and will contaminate the fluid. If you don't do this it could start corrosion in the systems and give you problems when you next jump back on in spring.

8. Get insured - There's nothing worse that declaring your bike off the road to save few pennies on insurance and a thief takes your beloved two wheels. Don't tempt fate, give the friendly guys at MCE a call to get SORN cover on 0844 338 68 88.

If you are on your bike over the wintery months stay safe out there and if you haven't already get yourself a pair of heated handlebar grips!

13.01.2012 - Big Ed

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