Is 20mph the new 30mph

MCE Insurance

Liberal Democrats have voted in favour of 20mph speed limits being introduced in residential areas across the UK after their party conference was held recently. It has been recommended that the switch takes place over the course of the next 10 years with 10% of roads being changed to the lower speed limit each year.

The motion still requires the backing of local councils and has already been declared by many of them as 'far too expensive'. Accordingly, the campaign may initially only be rolled out in certain areas.

The statistics make it clear that these changes could be crucial in reducing accidents and fatalities of both motorists and pedestrians. The highest percentage of accidents between 20 and 70mph across the UK occur at 30mph and the lowest at 20mph.

In research conducted by MCE Insurance, London was reported to have had a staggering 4898 accidents at 30 mph whereas only 10 occurred at 20mph. This statistic was mirrored in the north of the UK with 3036 accidents occurring at 30mph and only 76 occurring at 20mph.

29.09.2012 - MCE Insurance

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