Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Designing brilliance

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Kawasaki strides into the future with their new Ninja H2. The manufacturer has gone further than most in recent years with development and releasing of new models. We've had many new green machines surface and the Ninja H2 will stun many. The H2R track version released at the Intermot Show claims to have an astonishing 300bhp coming from its supercharged transverse four.

There will be a road going version that's set to be unveiled at the Milan show. This model will only have 200bhp (!?!) which should certainly be enough for toddling out down those country lanes. Kawasaki claims that the drop in power from the road to track bike isn't an issue, they're not going for all out power but instead an experience that a rider has never had before, un-rivalled acceleration. Kawasaki admit they have a heritage in performance and that is why they've gone for a supercharged motorcycle, they want the bike to be iconic and remembered as a turning point for years to come.

Managing Director of Kawasaki Europe, Masanori Inoue, commented, "This year celebrates 30 years of Ninja, whose heritage is key to Kawasaki. To celebrate this anniversary we wanted to produce the most exciting machine Kawasaki has ever developed. We've striven to capture the very essence of Kawasaki's spirit with this project, now we look to the future with confidence!"

29.09.2014 - MCE Insurance

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