Life saving technology for motorbikes

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Safety features that we are all used to seeing in cars could soon be seen on motorbikes in a bid to cut the accidents among riders.

MIRA The Motor Industry Research Association have been busy developing and testing to create this fantastic technology that will give riders extra help and awareness on the road to avoid accidents. This extra help comes in the form of speed-limit warnings, information about the tightness of upcoming bends and an in-helmet warning system which tells the rider if another vehicle is in his blind spot.

These features are all part of a project named Saferider that is being funded by the EU. Saferider was set up to reduce fatality rates as shockingly motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than car drivers.

Accordingly, the main aim of saferider is to give the rider more information about road conditions whilst at the same time making sure it will not disrupt their concentration.

24.08.12 - Adam Hale

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