London Motorcycle Toll Approved

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Motorbikes made before 2007 have to pay £12.50 per day when entering central London, as outlined by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be the area of London that this concerns and will affect bikes made before July 2007 that are not in keeping with 'Euro 3' which is the minimum requirement for new motorcycles on the road.

Transport for London (TFL) state "cameras will read your number plate as you enter" and will "check it against the database for those who meet the ULEZ standards", if they do not, then the £12.50 daily charge will apply. This will be in enforcement all the time, with no peak periods, the Mayor of London says this has been brought in to encourage riders to be aware of their environmental footprint and consider using other modes of transport to avoid not only congestion but quality of life in London. This will hopefully set a standard that other cities may take into account.

This will mean classic motorcycles, for instance, will have to pay the price to enter as their omissions do not fit the minimum requirements. ULEZ helpfully include alternatives to paying the congestion charge such as buying a new bike (which for many riders is always a bonus) or not entering the zone.

26.04.2015 - Big Ed

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