Mallory Park - Closure?

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There's been a huge amount of speculation over the last week or so about the closure of one of Britain's racetracks. Previous MCE BSB course Mallory Park has hit the headlines after residents have complained about excessive noise which has led to rumours of closure.

Some local residents have been campaigning against 'the friendly circuit' for a number of years and it just so happened that Mallory accidentally ran over their allocated number of track days. Leading to noise complaints, this in turn led to a residents meeting being organised at the track. This news got out and some jumped to conclusions when they heard believing Mallory could be set for closure. Within days this 'news' was on Twitter and Facebook and a group was set up to 'Save Mallory'.

The overwhelming support from bikers for the track has been astounding with thousands getting behind the Facebook Group. But in the end it turned out that Mallory is safe, no closure is planned. Good news.

There is a government petition to 'Save Mallory Park' that's definitely worth signing up for just in case they think about any sort of closure in the future. here.

21.03.13 - Big Ed

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