Mallory Park saved

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Mallory Park race circuit has been in a fierce war with local residents and the council over noise issues. This led to them getting fined which in turn sent the company who ran the circuit into administration. It seemed there was nothing to be done and all future track dates were cancelled and the fate of Mallory hung in the balance.

But out of the shadows a couple of saviours have emerged in the shape of MCE BSB's Buildbase BMW team owner Stuart Hicken and Eddie Roberts, owner of Camplog (tyres). The pair stepped in and bought up the crippled circuit under their new company Real Motorsport Limited. Hicken has run the circuit before and knows that to get things moving again they need to build bridges with the residents.

Real Motorsport Limited commented, "We realise that there is a lot of bridge-building to be done with the local community, but Mallory Park has been here for a long time and we are hopeful that with understanding all round it will have a long and successful future."

The next stage is to work with the residents and the council to come up with a new noise deal so that the circuit can get back to what it does best, providing track days and exciting racing to many.

Quote taken from MCN.

24.12.13 - Big Ed

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