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The Bike Experience is an organisation that has been set up to help disabled bikers get back on two wheels. They are a registered charity and this is offered as a free experience. Recently they were desperately in search of an Insurance company to cover them for their next day on track at Silverstone.

Supporters of the cause got in contact with Big Ed through his Facebook Page and in no time at all he was on the case. MCE Motorsport gave The Bike Experience founder Talan Skeels-Piggins a call and managed to secure a deal for them covering public liability at Silverstone. MCE Motorsport waved broker charges to give The Bike Experience the best possible price as it was such a worthy cause.

MCE Motorsport and Big Ed are happy to say that The Bike Experience had there track day at Silverstone and it was a great success.

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Website: The Bike Experience

Social Media: TBE Facebook Page.

19.04.13 - James Davey

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