MCE Offering Unlimited Modifications Cover

MCE Insurance As reported in Performance Bikes - Feb 2013

Insurance company MCE are allowing unlimited modifications on their insurance policies. Unless you're fitting a turbo, a supercharger or nitrous to your bike, you can basically do what you like. All you need to do is tell them.

MCE claim there will be no increase in premium. All that will happen is that if your bike is damaged and you make a claim, it will be returned to standard spec.

"The idea is to give our customers what they want," says MCE's Emma Westley. "The only changes are when you significantly change the power of your bike such as with a turbo. There are no restrictions on other performance related mods, a Power Commander and 8bhp increase would be fine."

MCE are also offering 15 months' insurance for the price of 12.

14.01.13 - MCE Insurance

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