MCE Scholarship success

MCE Insurance

MCE Insurance, the UK's number one provider of motorcycle insurance understands that investing in its people is important not only for the company but also the customer. The MCE Scholarships program gives MCE people the opportunity to gain further training in their field so they can give the best customer experience whilst furthering their career within the company.

The program has seen more success recently with Customer Service manager Jackie Spittles and Sales Team manager Gemma Julyan passing their Foundation Insurance Test exams along with Sales Team manager Nadine Stevenson who completed the first of three modules building towards a Certificate in Insurance qualification.

MCE's Head of Talent Matt Duck commented, "MCE's Scholarships program continues to build on the wealth of talent here at MCE. Giving our people the chance to further themselves and their careers is something we think is very important as it gives them the opportunity to give the best experience to the customer."

28.05.2014 - MCE Insurance

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