Proud to Support Ride to Work Day

MCE Insurance

MCE Insurance, the UK's Number One provider of motorcycle insurance is proud to announce its support for the international Ride to Work Day. On Monday 18th June, a number of MCE people rode to work on their 2 wheeled machines demonstrating the camaraderie of the biking community. The aim of this internationally recognised day is to promote the benefits of biking.

It's simple really: 2 wheels are cheaper than 4!

Benefits of motorcycling include:

  1. Motorbike insurance prices are less than half the cost of insuring a car! Don't believe us? Get a quote online now at
  2. Road tax starts at a tiny £16 per year
  3. Parking is generally free for motorcycles
  4. Scooters and motorcycles aren't liable to pay congestion charges in London

Plus, by choosing to ride a motorcycle you have more flexibility (no waiting for buses or overcrowded trains!), more friends and more fun, less congestion and less journey time delays...

Add all of the above to lower fuel bills and you're laughing!

To find out how much you could save check out Ride to Work's official website which includes a Travel Savings Calculator. And if you haven't had a chance to ride a bike yet, book your free riding experience with Get On. It will turn you into a biking believer in no time!

19.06.12 - MCE Insurance

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