MCN create 'Back off EU' campaign

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Since the announcement of the EU Type Approval Regulations proposals on the construction and maintenance of motorbikes, bikers all over the country have united in protest. On September 25th motorways up and down the country were grid locked by bikers riding slow for miles in protest to oppose the new regulations. Ever since the law change suggestion, MCN have created the 'Back off EU' campaign. On the 22nd November an army of bikers will set off to Brussels making sure they are heard outside the European Parliament. It has been confirmed that the backing of MP, Steve Baker, will prove to make the fight even more worth while.

To be apart of the protest join MCN's facebook group I want to join the MCN Brussels Protest

Even if you don't ride you can still show your support by signing this petition. Click here!

9.11.2011 - Biker News

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