Moped getaway thwarted after two hours

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Police in Bristol were called out after a couple of teenage boys stole a scooter and proceeded to ride it around the city, not wearing helmets and flaunting the rules of the road.

Officers took chase but due to health and safety rules they were not allowed to physically stop the assailants. This meant the chase went on for a couple of hours at low speeds; police had 5 patrol cars and a helicopter shadowing the boys. They kept their distance and waited for the moment when they could strike.

Eventually the scooter ran out of petrol and ground to a halt allowing officers to arrest the rogue riders. The 18-year-old rider was charged with theft, dangerous driving and driving without a license or insurance. His 16-year-old pillion was charged with being carried on a moped without the owners consent.

Witness Samantha Louise Radford commented, "It looked like the riders were doing it without helmets on. They are lucky they didn't seriously hurt anyone."

Quote taken from The Metro.

29.04.2014 - MCE Insurance

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