5 reasons why... Motocross is AWESOME!

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1. To put it simply - Motocross is awesome fun!

Nothing beats flying through the air, chopping muddy corners and bashing elbows racing against your friends! It's more than just an adrenaline rush - it can become an addiction. Try it out - once you turn your wheel on the dirt track there's no turning back!

2. It won't make you brassic!

For a good bike, helmet, jersey and protective trousers you're talking approx £2-3k and it's THE cheapest GP motorsport

3. No matter the weather, you can still ride!

Motocrossers don't stop playing because of the rain - which is a good job since we live in one of the most unpredictable countries for weather in the world! Come rain or shine, wet mud or dust - the fun never stops.

4. Being a MXr can only add to your street cred

For some generations it's about the old school cool of Steve McQueen, for others it's the extreme freestylers and stunt riders like Mike Metzger or Travis Pastrana. For the youngest it's the amazing world of PS3 and Xbox games brought to life. Bask in the ambience of being part of this incredible sport.

5. Another way to get physically FIT

Not only is owning a motocross bike cool but it will also keep you physically fit too. It's tough on the body, builds core muscles and requires good levels of mental concentration.

11.10.12 - Big Ed

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