MotoGP moves to Wales!

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Dorna have signed a deal to hold the next 5 years of MotoGP at the brand new circuit of Wales. The circuit is yet to be built though so they'll be somewhere else for 2015.

The circuit, which has been in development and planning stages for about three years, looked like it may have been canned last year when environmentalists blocked plans due to the damage it would cause for wildlife in the area. But local government overruled the ruling because of the real need for jobs and economic growth in the area. The MotoGP deal is fantastic for the circuit as it means they've got a calendar already they need to aim for. Building is due to start by the end of the year and the circuit will be completed, all going well, by the 2016 MotoGP date.

Michael Carrick, chief executive of the Circuit of Wales commented, "Our agreement with Dorna is a significant landmark in the development of the Circuit of Wales. MotoGP is the pinnacle of global motorcycle racing and expectations within the series and of its millions of fans worldwide are for a truly world class event at iconic and state-of-the art venues."

With Dorma owning not only MotoGP but World Superbikes also; there could be even more bike racing heading for Wales in the very near future. Before they think about that though they'll have to complete the circuit which is going to cost somewhere in the region of £315m.

Quotes taken from BBC News.

15.08.2014 - MCE Insurance

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