Motorbike Insurance 'too high for young road users'

MCE Insurance

Young riders are unable to get cover or face soaring bills. This is according to Jeff Stone, the British Motorcyclists Federations Media and PR Manager who proclaimed this demographic faces costly premiums.

This age group's profile is listed as high- risk due to the high frequency of thefts and fault accidents. Insurers are paying out £1.73 for every £1 collected in premium on this risk. Accordingly premium price reflects this.

As a result the average age of a motorcyclist has increased. As these riders reach 40 only then does their situation begin to improve and their premiums drop, Stone continued.

The insurance market for young riders is becoming a challenge however MCE offer a range of negotiated deals with underwriters, which are reviewed each quarter. In addition to this MCE are able to offer discounted rates on young riders' first cars with the recent launch of a new scheme that enables you to transfer accrued bike NCB on to a car insurance policy for up to 65% discount.

For more details give one of the friendly MCE team a call on 0844 338 68 88.

08.05.2012 - Emma Westley

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