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It's getting increasing more dangerous for the motorbike left standing on the street. Criminals are quite willing to cut chains and throw your pride and joy in the back of a van, take it away, dismantle it for parts or reassemble it around another frame.

Latest figures have shown that motorbike theft is costing the industry £100 million per year and that 10,000 riders give up two wheels every year as a result of their bike being stolen.

London is one of the largest problem areas where 35 bikes are stolen everyday from the streets; that's more than are being sold in the same area! Because of the criminal's smooth, planned attacks and their ability to break or change the bikes identity afterwards only around 18% of motorbikes are recovered after theft. Budget cuts to the police are also a problem with this issue as many officers have been moved to other areas. In London alone the MET has a 30 strong Police force focussing on bicycle theft, but only one, perhaps two looking into motorcycle theft.

So what can be done to stop thieves in these testing times? Datatagging or putting a tracker on your bike can be very helpful for police looking for your bike, but that's after it's gone, what about before? Here's a few tips to keep your motorbike safe:

On the Street

The most vulnerable place you can keep your bike but sometimes you have no choice.

  • Try to keep your bike moving: if parking on the same street, place it in different locations so thieves don't get to know where you keep it.
  • Cover it: keep her under wraps. If a thief doesn't know what's under it they might be less likely to nick it.
  • Park near a street lamp: Being in a well lit location will deter thieves.
  • Lock it to something: Chain it up good and proper to some sort of anchor or lamppost.
  • Lock it some more: Extra chains, disc locks etc are would also be a bonus, the more security you have the less appealing your machine will look to thieves.

In the Shed

  • Hide it up: If your sheds got windows, the thieves will see your bike, cover it with a sheet.
  • Lock it: Even though it's not outside, it's still worth locking your bike up as this will slow any thieves down.
  • Anchor it: If you've got scope to put in a ground anchor, do it! Chain the bike to anything that won't be moving, that'll slow them down.
  • Security Lighting: A light that switches on when something moves can scare of thieves as well as letting you know something's up.
  • Closed Door: Obviously lock the door to the shed and if you can reinforce it.

In the Garage

  • Secure the door: Make sure the door is shut and has a good locking system on it.
  • Security lighting: Again lighting is a must. Startling burglars and letting you know something's happening.
  • Lock it, anchor it: Again always keep her locked up. If a thief has done well enough to get into the garage, then to be faced with yet more locks is going to deter him further.
  • Alarm: A decent alarm system can be fitted to most garages and will stop most thieves dead in their tracks.

I hope these tips for keeping your bike safe have been of use. Remember always keep it locked, you never know who may be watching!

04.03.13 - MCE Insurance

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