Motorcycle License Changes 2013

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From the 19th of January 2013 there's going to be a lot of changes to the system as to how you get a motorcycle license due to the EC 3rd Driving License Directive. At the moment, you can pass your test at 17 and be restricted to a bike 33bhp and under for two years. After the two years are up you are free to ride whatever you wish. Quite a sensible system, holding back new riders from jumping on an R1 giving them a chance to gain some experience first.

Under the new system a rider wanting to get a license will be required to do a test at 17 which will grant them the ability to ride a 125cc machine. That's it. At 19 they will then have to do another test to get on a 46bhp machine. They will then have to wait another five years until they are 24 when finally after another test they will be able to ride any bike. Seems a little crazy when you can drive any car of any power at 17!

This directive was passed under Tony Blair's reign in government and sadly there's no going back now. I just hope that the youngsters still have the drive to get on two wheels and if they don't that they get on after 24. So if you've ever felt there was a time to get on a bike, it's now! Get in there whilst you still can, especially if you're 17. Let's not look at this as a bad thing but a reason to do your test.

13.11.12 - James Davey

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