New Fuel could kill your bike

MCE Insurance

The powers that be over in Europe are once again making changes that will affect bikers over here in the UK. Under an EU directive a much more diluted petrol will be released in the country along side normal petrol. The E10 strand is 10% ethanol compared to the 5% it stands at the moment.

This is where the problems arise for bikers. Motorcycle manufacturers have warned that this diluted petrol is not compatible with many older machines and even motorbikes a mere two years old. Components that could be damaged are petrol pipes, carburettor innards and petrol tank sealants, as well as affecting the running of the bike.

As long as 'normal' petrol is still available at the pumps for now bikers will be safe. But if things change and this E10 strand becomes the only petrol available, many motorcycles could be left destroyed or un-usable because of it.

27.03.13 - MCE Insurance

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