New TT regulations could push out Milwaukee

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Isle of Man TT race bosses intend to bring in new rules and regulations on governing electronics for 2014 that could potentially force out the Milwaukee Yamaha raceteam as boss Shaun Muir believes the rules would make the bike uncompetitive.

The organisers want to bring in a spec-ECU system just like what's run in the MCE Insurance British Superbikes for 2015 but for next year they intend to make teams strip back their expensive after-market electronics in favour of kit systems and original equipment.

This is where the problem lies for Milwaukee, if it was a straight move to the 2015 regulations it wouldn't be a problem as they already run the spec-ECU systems in MCE BSB but as it's only a half move in regulation for 2014 Muir believes the Yamaha electronic kits are not up to speed. Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki kits on the other hand are far more advanced and ready for competition.

Muir commented, "The kit systems from the other manufacturers already contain strategies for rider aids traction control and anti-wheelie, for example, whereas the Yamaha's isn't that advanced, so we would be at a distinct disadvantage, especially when it comes to putting in consistent 131mph lap where a full electronics package is necessary."

This news will hit multiple TT winner and this years Macau GP winner Ian Hutchinson hard as 2014 would have been his first outing on the Isle since his sensational record breaking five wins in 2010 after which he suffered a terrible leg injury that he's been recovering from ever since.

Also this year's fastest TT newcomer Josh Brookes will not be happy with the decision. I know for a fact he moved teams to Milwaukee to be more competitive in MCE BSB but also so he could take part in the TT with the team. The outspoken Australian will definitely have something to say about this.

Quote taken from BSN.

04.12.13 - Big Ed

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