Off Road Bike Theft Facts

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Unfortunately bikes are a hot item for thieves. Off road bikes in particular are being targeted and more often than not they are uninsured leaving the owner without a penny to fall back on...

MCE Claims Assist investigations into reported thefts have shown that the majority of off road bikes are stolen from sheds and garages with the most common manufacturer brand stolen being KTM models.

The highest theft areas include:

  1. Stoke-on-Trent
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Bolton
  5. iverpool

It was also reported that 93% of thefts were made during office hours whilst the property was empty and 100% of all thefts reported were found to be targeted crime, not on a whim. Therefore it is extremely important that off road bikers have the necessary precautions in place should someone attempt a burglary of their bikes.

Theft insurance, exclusive to MCE is a policy designed by off road riders for off road bikes to add a safety net for exactly that. Whilst off road bikes are garaged, waiting for their next muddy adventure MCE offer laid up fire and theft cover with recession busting low deposits at 10%.

In order to set up a theft insurance policy for an off road bike it must be stored in a garage with a sold secure ground anchor - available to buy direct from MCE at the same time as setting up a policy.

To get a quote click here or call the friendly MCE team on 0844 338 68 90.

07.08.12 - Emma Westley

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