Pothole insurance claims rise

MCE Insurance

The state of Britain's roads over the past decade has worsened and new reports show that in 2014 things are worse than ever with insurance claims for pothole damage rising 5-fold.

The very wet winter has opened up thousands of potholes and cracks across the country as our aging road infrastructure crumbles and slow to act councils struggle to keep up with the repairs. The potholes not only damage vehicles but are life threatening to motorcyclists as a large hole could send a rider flying.

Since Janurary there has been a surge in the number of pothole related insurance claims with an average of 173 a week being posted compared to only 33 a week before the New Year.

Chancellor George Osborne pledged an extra £200 Million for road repairs in the recent budget but many believe this will not be enough as many councils will be left without proper funding to sort out their roads. Patch up jobs are often a quick fix and by the time next winter arrives many repairs will have subsided.

27.03.2014 - MCE Insurance

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