Price Comparison site launches QuickQuote mobile service

MCE Insurance price comparison site is revolutionising the car- insurance quote process by launching a new mobile phone service called QuickQuote.

This simple mobile quote service is available for UK based customers and cannot be found on any other price comparison site. Customers of can get a motor car insurance quote and save money just by simply having a mobile phone. have worked with Process Flows a well- established SMS vendor to create the first mobile phone service that changes the way a car insurance quote can be returned. It's the quickest way of getting a cheap quote when the renewal is due, or if people are just interested to see how much it would cost them to get insured on their dream car.

QuickQuote is an innovative way of allowing customers to get quick and easy car insurance quotes through their mobile phone. To use this simple service, the customer must have used before. They simply text the number plate to 66800 and will text back with the cheapest quote in seconds. Customers can get a quote for any car just by simply texting 66800 and it only costs £1 per text.

Once the quote is received via their mobile phone, the customer can also access it via their account and will be shown the range of car insurance quotes which are available through Currently 130 insurers are available on their panel, offering the biggest car insurance comparison service in the UK.

The advantage of QuickQuote is that the customer's details can be reused on subsequent occasions, saving customers the time and effort required to re- enter this information every single time they are looking to retrieve a quote on a vehicle.

Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at continues: " revolutionised the search for car insurance 10 years ago through the launch of To follow on this success QuickQuote has been created to provide a quick and easy car insurance process which we have developed with Process Flows to help customers find cheaper car insurance and save them money. Conducting a car insurance quote can be a laborious task for motorists when it comes to buying or renewing their insurance. However with QuickQuote this will all change.

With QuickQuote drivers can shop around and get the best quotes and hopefully save a hefty packet on the cost of car insurance in the process. For new car hunters it allows them to find out the kind of car insurance premiums that they could expect on a particular type of vehicle at any place or time; even on the vehicle forecourt, helping to make the big decision a little bit easier."

27.04.2012 - Emma Westley

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