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Young riders, London residents and rush hour commuters are amongst those most likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents according to the latest research conducted by bike experts MCE Insurance. The title sponsors of the MCE Insurance British Superbike series have examined accident statistics across the UK and have produced an interactive map designed to help keep riders better informed and improve safety on the roads.

2011 saw a total of 21,059 bike-related accidents across the country and MCE identified London as the geographical region that had the highest incident proportion, with 25% of UK accidents (5,157) taking place there last year. East Anglia was confirmed as the safest region to ride in, with less than 1% (180) of the reported total.

The riskiest time of the day to travel by bike was identified as between 4 and 7pm, with 27.2% (5738) of accidents occurring between these hours. Perhaps most worryingly, the research highlighted the fact that motorcycle riders under the age of 20 are those at greatest risk, with over 25% of accidents involving people in this age group, compared to only 1.6% (246) involving riders over the age of 65.

Julian Edwards, Group Chief Executive at the UK's Number One provider of motorcycle insurance highlights this last statistic as one of great concern. "It is alarming to see such a high percentage of young riders involved in accidents last year as many of them will have recently passed their test. We hope that MCE's interactive guide will serve as a useful tool for all concerned, including veterans of the road and novice riders, to help raise awareness of accident statistics and to encourage continued motorcycle safety on our roads."

The full interactive map detailing 2011 UK motorcycle accident statistics can be found at

28.09.12 - MCE Insurance

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