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A new European ruling expected to be discussed soon plans to make insuring a ride on lawnmower compulsory, even if it's on private land.

Gardeners who enjoy riding their large mowers round their grounds may soon find themselves paying £100 a year for insurance if the new European Laws go through. Patrick McLoughlin the Transport secretary has been told all users of ride on lawnmowers will be forced to pay even if the vehicle never leaves the garden. The issue has been raised after a tractor and trailer reversed into a Slovenian man up a ladder on private land and the man was unable to claim due to this. This has led to Europe looking into the matter and drafting up new legislation.

Mr McLoughlin said he would fight any such legislation as it was unnecessary due to systems already being in place in the UK for such vehicles. UK gardeners are usually covered under home insurance policies for vehicles of this type.

A source close to Mr McLoughlin commented, "We have home insurance in place for these kind of things and it works fine. Once we have seen the ruling we'll take whatever action necessary to head off anything that hurts people's personal finances."

Quotes taken from The Telegraph.

10.07.2014 - MCE Insurance

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