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Monday the 17th of June was Ride to Work Day UK and the MCE team got behind the cause by making sure they came in on their motorbikes. A large number of the team ride in everyday anyway but this was an excuse to make a real show of it and go for a blast after the shift was done.

MCE pride themselves on being the number one motorbike insurer and believe that customers will have a better experience if they can talk to someone who understands bikes. That's why the MCE team have regular training days to keep up to date with the latest goings on in the biking world. They also help their people to get on by working with local dealerships.

Big Ed was about for the day on his Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and led the bikers off into the sunset for an evening ride. He also ran a competition of his Facebook page getting fans to send in pictures of their ride to work with the chance to win a signed MCE BSB T-shirt! Derek Mason and the lads from Pacson Valves in Dundee won with a shot of them all in the carpark with their bikes.

Big Ed himself is the ultimate true biker and his helmet brims with knowledge of all things two wheels, if you ever have a question, drop him a line on his Facebook page and he'll give his advice!

So Ride to Work Day UK may have been a day like any other for the MCE team, but as we all know, any day on a bike is special!

Ride on!

19.06.13 - MCE Insurance

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