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Being the third remaining round before the showdown begins it's time for the riders and teams of MCE BSB to show what they're made of. We headed to Oulton Park for the second time and really anything could happen because this was also a triple header. Last time here we saw Shakey take a hit to his early campaign when he crashed out and was sent into the gravel handing Alex the win. This time Shakey was set to take his 50th win, the first ever MCE BSB rider to do so, but he'd have a fight on his hands with the likes of Lowes, Brookes, Ellison on his tail. This round also saw a number of changes to the teams. Tommy Bridewell returned to the series with a new ride from Halsall Racing, he will certainly want to make up for lost time. Barry Burrell has taken Danny Buchan's ride after he parted ways with Quattro Plant Kawasaki, let's hope he can make it work better than Dan did. Also a new team joined the fold in the shape of Quelch BSD Motorsport with rider Jamie Poole, they've come over from the Superstockers and aim to have a full team running for next season. Plenty going on then and plenty of chances for points and podium credits! Here's how the weekend looked through my visor!


Q1 saw a few teams with bike trouble before anything had even started. Jenny Tinmouth was halfway through putting her gearbox back together; Burrell and Mainwaring were also having problems. Once away Keith Farmer was having really trouble keeping on the pace and sat way down the times in 19th. Lowes led the timesheets followed by Shakey, James Ellison, PJ Jacobsen, Brookes and Dan Linfoot. Mainwaring did just manage to get out on track and do one flying lap but sadly the time wasn't quick enough and he dropped out. Costello, Jessopp, Poole, Tinmouth, Mainwaring, Burrell, Zanotti were the drops from Q1. Q2 saw teams working together, Shakey led out Farmer hoping to drag him round as did Ellison and Waters on the Milwaukee Yamahas. PJ Jacobsen who was so on the pace led the times initially followed by Brookes, Shakey, Bridewell, Linfoot, Farmer and Kirkham. Then Lowes broke the lap record for the weekend with a 1:35:387 pushing PJ out. Three times champ Kiyonari who holds the record for the most wins at Oulton Park was having a nightmare, he dropped out of Q2 along with Walker, Hickman, Rutter, Harris, Waters, Smrz and Baiocco. In Q3 Shakey led the times and looked set to take pole when Alex put in a flyer taking the spot from him. On his out lap though he made a mistake and lost the front end sending his Samsung Honda into the gravel. The rest of the top ten lined up like this behind him Shakey, PJ, Ellison, Brookes, Bridewell, Kirkham, Linfoot, Farmer and Westmoreland.

Race 1

Alex didn't have the best start from pole and Shakey stuck it to him and took the lead into the first corner, Alex was having none of it though and pulled it back straight after. Then real drama unfolded, Keith Farmer's Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki dropped it's fuel sending him flying off the track, Mainwaring and Poole who were following behind hit the slick and also crashed out. The race was red flagged and would be restarted with original qualifying positions. The riders returned to the pits and the Rapid, Tsingtao and QBSD teams jumped to action to get the bikes back together before the restart. Farmer's bike was the only one to make it back out though, Mainwaring thought about it but the bike wasn't up to scratch and as for Poole's it was a right mess. When leaving the pits PJ made an error and didn't get out in time meaning he would have to start from the back of the grid, real shame for the young American as he was so on it. They lined up once more and the race began. Lowes took the lead from pole followed by Brookes, Ellison, Shakes, Kirkham and Bridewell. James Ellison on the Milwaukee Yamaha was on one and passed Brookes then Lowes in a couple of corners. Shakey followed suit and nipped past Brookes who seemed to be lacking in pace, he then put the magnets on Lowes. PJ Jacobsen who started from the back of the grid was eating up the places, he had moved all the way up to 11th and was all over Kiyo in just a few laps. James Westmoreland who was battling with his teammate Kirkham for the 6th showdown spot had bike trouble on the start finish straight and after one more lap he pulled into the pits. With PJ on his backside Kiyo decided to get on the move, he passed Linfoot and took 8th, PJ followed, then he continued on and passed Walker, then Kirkham. Meanwhile at the front Shakey was trying to make a move on Ellison after passing Lowes. Brookes and Bridewell were battling for 4th, great to see Tommy going so well. Back down the pack PJ was on the move again and got past Kirkham. In the final lap Shakey did everything he could to get past Ellison but he was too strong and held his ground, the Milwaukee Yamaha rider took the win.

Race 1 Results

  1. James ELLISON - Milwaukee Yamaha
  2. Shane BYRNE - Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki
  3. Alex LOWES - Samsung Honda
  4. Josh BROOKES - Tyco Suzuki
  5. Tommy BRIDEWELL - Halsall Racing
  6. Ryuichi KIYONARI - Samsung Honda
  7. PJ JACOBSEN - Tyco Suzuki
  8. Jon KIRKHAM - Buildbase BMW
  9. Chris WALKER - Quattro Plant Kawasaki
  10. Dan LINFOOT - Lloyds British GBmoto Racing Honda

Race 2

Shakey sat on pole for race two but didn't get the best start and Lowes took the lead from the off, Ellison and Brookes sat behind Shakey. Poor old Pete Hickman had a puncture in the warm up lap and had to start from the pits. Kiyonari after his terrible qualifying had definitely found his race pace and was on it in 5th. Shakey and Lowes were having a real battle at the front swapping places on nearly every corner. By lap 4 the front 5 had started to gap the rest, Kirkham, PJ and Bridewell were being left behind. The stalker then pulled off and into the pits, his bike hasn't been quite right since Ellison took him out at Brands, eventually turned out his gearbox had gone. PJ and Bridewell in the battle for 6th moved past Kirkham on the Buildbase BMW. Further down the pack Mainwaring on the Tsingtao WK Kawasaki was really starting to move after his lost chance in race 1 the day before, from the back of the grid he was now up to 13th. Lowes then seemed to lose pace and Shakey and Ellison went past him. Zanotti then retired with bike trouble. Poole also entered the pits for a check over but then came back out. Bridewell who sat in 6th was really starting to move and had gapped PJ by 2 seconds in just 2 laps. Lap 9 and Ellison was all over Shakey trying to find a way through, Bomber Harris pulled into the pits at this point, his race was over as was new boy Poole, he pulled in too. Brookes and Lowes were having a battle for third which gave Kiyo time to catch them up again. Brookes eventually won the fight and set his sights on Ellison. Lowes was really pushing hard now with his teammate Kiyo behind him, he looked almost like the reckless Lowes of old. Brookes made it past Ellison and then Lowes slammed it up the inside and pushed Ellison wide making him run onto the grass, he ran out of space and had to eject. It was a nasty crash and he was pretty shaken but did eventually stand up. Brookes was all over Shakey in the final lap, he looked like he had twice his pace, Alex was still being reckless in third and pushing so hard that he lost the front end on the last corner ending his race and gifting his teammate the 3rd spot. Shakey held off Brookes and finally got his 50th MCE BSB win.

Race 2 Results

  1. Shane BYRNE - Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki
  2. Josh BROOKES - Tyco Suzuki
  3. Ryuichi KIYONARI - Samsung Honda
  4. Tommy BRIDEWELL - Halsall Racing
  5. Jon KIRKHAM - Buildbase BMW
  6. PJ JACOBSEN - Tyco Suzuki
  7. Dan LINFOOT - Lloyds British GBmoto Racing Honda
  8. Keith FARMER - Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki
  9. James WESTMORELAND - Buildbase BMW
  10. Howie MAINWARING - Tsingtao WK Kawasaki

Race 3

Shakey led from the front again at the start of the third race. Ellison, Lowes, Brookes, Kiyo, Bridewell and PJ were all with him. Mainwaring was also on the move again and sat in 8th when Rutter's Bathams Honda blew up on the start finish straight on the beginning of lap 2. The safety car came out and the marshals cracked on with getting the track clear of Rutter's engine fluids. The riders queued up behind Shakey and by lap 6 the safety car went back in and they were on the pace again. This didn't play well for Brookes as Lowes and Ellison both came past him. Lee Costello on the Halsall Racing Kawasaki had to pull in at this point with technical difficulties; all he could do now was watch his new teammate take the glory. Kiyo then had a nightmare and ran straight on at Hizzy's chicane putting him well down the pack. PJ Jacobsen on his Tyco Suzuki seemed to be having issues as he was starting to drop back from the front 5, this was confirmed when he too ran on at Hizzys and then pulled into the pits. Barry Burrell was the next to pull in; he hadn't had the best start to his campaign on the Quattro Plant Kawasaki. Mainwaring who was sitting in 6th was being caught by the second big pack led by Jon Kirkham on the Buildbase BMW. Bridewell was riding like a demon and past Ellison in style taking 4th. Lowes and Brookes were having a good old battle for second which Brookes eventually won, he then moved onto Shakey passing him into turn one, but the champ pulled it back. Bridewell then stormed past Lowes but over cooked things a bit letting Lowes and Ellison back through. Brookes finally took the lead from Shakey in lap 14 and Lowes got stuck into the champ trying to find a way through. The race finished with Brookes out in front, Shakey, Lowes, Ellison and Bridewell behind. Giving us three different winners on three different manufacturers machines.

Race 3 Results

  1. Josh BROOKES - Tyco Suzuki
  2. Shane BYRNE - Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki
  3. Alex LOWES - Samsung Honda
  4. James ELLISON - Milwaukee Yamaha
  5. Tommy BRIDEWELL - Halsall Racing
  6. James WESTMORELAND - Buildbase BMW
  7. Keith FARMER - Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki
  8. Howie MAINWARING - Tsingtao WK Kawasaki
  9. Jon KIRKHAM - Buildbase BMW
  10. Ryuichi KIYONARI - Samsung Honda

Club MCE members had a great couple of days at Oulton Park enjoying all sorts of benefits and experiences including, a day with Eurosport, Official Pit Crew with Rapido Sport Ducati, grid walks, VIP hospitality, Pillion Laps and Safety car laps to name a few. Some lucky Club members got to make use of the MCE Superview, watching the racing from the podium tower and from the pit wall. 'Hang out with a rider' took place on the grid with Quattro Plant Kawasaki's Chris Walker, giving club members the chance to ask him about his past, future, racing and his little girl all whilst sitting on the comfy Club MCE beanbags. A fantastic weekend had by all!

Next round we head for Cadwell Park and the famous mountain! It all kicks off on the 24th of August. Keep up to date with Big Ed's Facebook for all the live updates, news and gossip around the paddock.

Championship Standings

  1. 67 Shane BYRNE - Rapid Soliticitors Kawasaki - 297
  2. 2 Josh BROOKES - Tyco Suzuki - 268
  3. 22 Alex LOWES - Samsung Honda - 243
  4. 77 James ELLISON - Milwaukee Yamaha - 158
  5. 23 Ryuichi KIYONARI - Samsung Honda - 142
  6. 10 Jon Kirkham - Buildbase BMW - 126

For full race results visit the MCE BSB Website

13.08.13 - Big Ed

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