Scholarships Success continues at MCE Insurance

MCE Insurance

MCE Insurance prides itself on excellent service, insurance knowledge and expertise. To aid customers at every turn, MCE continue to improve the already strong team by giving them extra tools and training to deal with absolutely anything.

As a result of the MCE Scholarships programme, MCE are delighted to be able to share further success stories.

On Monday 19th November, six MCE people ventured over to Peterborough to sit exams set by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Sitting the Foundation Insurance Test was Nadine Stevenson (Sales Delivery Manager), Chris Sibley (Sales Advisor), Richard Hardy (Sales Advisor) and Sarah Farah (Customer Action Advisor), all four of whom sailed through the exam.

Hallam Knapp (Sales Manager) and Dee Modha (Head of Operations) sat their first of three exams as part of their CII in the Insurance, Legal and Regulatory module with both of them passing with flying colours. Dee commented, "Studying for the FIT and CII has proved to be a excellent tool in truly understanding the industry I work in. Learning the principles and theory behind insurance enables me to make educated suggestions to further excel our business processes and also to give confident and accurate information to both MCE people and clients."

28.11.12 - MCE Insurance

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