Small Motorbike Sales still on the up

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The advantages of commuting on a small motorbike, moped or scooter seem simple when you think about it. More fuel efficient, free parking, lower road tax, cheaper insurance, no congestion charges and the fact you can nip through traffic without a problem. All these reasons have added to the increasing number of these bikes on the road.

2012 saw yet another rise in new registrations of small motorcycles and scooters, with the top five best sellers all 125cc and under. Steve Kenward, Acting CEO of MCI (The Motorcycle Industry Association) said, "The growth of smaller motorcycles and scooters would suggest that more people than ever are commuting on powered two wheelers. This is an exciting trend and something the MCI has been talking to government about in helping to solve congestion problems".

One of the factors that has led to this boom is the rise in petrol prices. Ever increasing since 2011 people often find they just can't afford to run a car anymore so they are turning to motorbikes and scooters. This is proven by the figures, new registrations for bikes between 51-125cc saw a growth of 8.5% during 2012. The second hand market has also seen a boom over the last ten years with more small motorbikes between 101-125cc becoming available, with the number of bikes out there rising from 154,000 in 2002 to 261,000 in 2011.

Fingers crossed these numbers will mean the government will start noticing motorbikes as a genuine solution to congestion and environmental issues. A recent study conducted earlier in 2012 by ACEM (The Motorcycle Industry in Europe) tested the affects of small motorbikes on congestion. The study got commuters to swap their car for a bike in a congested urban area in Belgium. It showed fantastic results with the time spent in traffic decreasing by 40% when just 10% of commuters got on two wheels. When 25% of the car drivers switched to a bike congestion was eliminated entirely. MCI is in talks with Transport Ministers at the moment showing them the incredible benefits small motorcycles can have on congestion.

If you're interested to see if motorcycling is for you why not try it out? Through the Get On Campaign if you're over 16 you can try it for free!

Quotes and figures taken for Motorcycle Trader.NET

10.01.13 - MCE Insurance

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