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Finally it feels like summer is here. The golden sunshine has been shining down on us for a few weeks now and it looks like it's going to continue at least for a little while. So perfect excuse to get out on the bike? Of course it is! But there are a few things to bear in mind when you're out and about enjoying the heat, please take a moment to have a listen...


This is one of the biggest things to remember when you're out this summer. It may be hot, it may be sweaty but that's no excuse for not wearing proper gear. We all know it only takes a moment for things to go pear shaped and if you haven't got proper gear on, you're really not helping yourself. I've seen people in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops on R1s. Absolute mental. If there is no leather or material between the road and your skin, it's your skin that's coming off.

Good lightweight gear is available and will keep you cool and protected! I'll be naming and shaming if I catch you out without it!

Road Safety

Obviously awareness is key to safety out there this summer. Our road surfaces are in a terrible state, pot holes and cracks lie in wait around every corner. Just be careful if you're out on a road you don't know or haven't ridden for a while, there could be a ditch ready to take you out. Also taking this in mind drop the speed a bit, the slower you are going the quicker you can stop. If you've had a good few rides down the road and know what's coming, give it some, but if not just be aware!

There will probably be an increase in traffic about the place too as people head out in caravans and to the seaside at weekends (yes we're British, it's what we do). Sometimes it pays to be patient. Yes you may get stuck behind a lorry or some holiday makers, just make sure you are safe when you are passing. Try not to hover around the back end of the vehicle you want to pass. Not only is it intimidating to the driver in front (giving us a bad name) but also all it takes is for them to slam on the brakes when a badger jumps out and you've got no escape route. Try to find a decent spot to pass, hidden dips and blind corners are a big no. You might think this sounds a bit obvious but I saw a guy break all these rules just the other day. It actually made me shiver when he passed the lorry on a blind bend and was nearly wiped out by an oncoming car. The joke was I caught up to him again using all these passing rules without risking my life.


Keeping your machine road ready is also very important, check out my guides to keeping your machine tip top - Big Ed's Workshop

Please take in what I've said and be safe out there people! Motorbikes and summer go hand in hand, let's get out and enjoy them!

Please feel free to post me pictures of you out on your bikes this summer on my Facebook Page!

16.07.13 - Big Ed

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