Telematics thwart fraudsters

MCE Insurance

Telematics technology has moved on a lot in recent years and has recently played a key role in catching criminals attempting motor insurance fraud.

A recent case saw personal injury claims for nearly £20,000 from three separate claimants after an incident between two vehicles in Liverpool. This incident was discovered to be false after a telematics system was checked on one of the cars and it told investigators in vehicle was 2 miles from where the stated incident happened.

The claimants have since withdrawn their claims and been added to the Asset Protection Unit's fraud database as well as the insurers' fraud database.

Director of investigative services at APU, Neil Thomas, commented: "In order for insurance companies to continue to offer affordable insurance, it is paramount that criminals who attempt to falsely claim be stopped. These acts are detrimental to innocent people, who end up paying more for car insurance or suffer delays to genuine claims."

Quote taken from Fleet World.

18.03.2014 - MCE Insurance

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