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MCE Insurance

The speed, the agility and sheer power of a bike is something hard to remove from your lifestyle once you've made the hop from four wheels to two. The stifling confinement of a giant metal box no longer makes sense which is why they say - once a biker, always a biker.

Bikers also have the benefit of significant cost saving on fuel costs, tax and wildly cheaper insurance to that of your average car owner. Just as with cars, bikes come in all shapes and sizes - from sports bikes to classics; scooters and mopeds; to motocross and trails bikes. Accordingly it's essential that bikers use an insurer that understands their specific needs.

That's where MCE comes in. As the UK's No.1 insurer and title sponsors of the MCE British Superbikes, MCE are specifically positioned in the market to meet the needs of all the different types of biker. With real bikers manning the phones, the passion and enthusiasm for motorcycles is second to none.

So what choice of insurance can they offer?

Here's a list of just some of the specialist areas MCE Insurance have to match bikers with the best possible cover:

  • Scooter Insurance
  • Quad Bike Insurance
  • Classic Bike Insurance
  • Monkey Bike Insurance
  • Trackday Insurance
  • Enduro and Trails bike insurance
  • Motocross Insurance
  • SORN Insurance
  • Modifications Bike Insurance
  • Fast food delivery insurance

And of course not forgetting your straight forward, nice and simple, BIKE insurance.

To find out just how competitive MCE are visit or call 0844 338 68 88 for a quote.

24.05.2012 - Emma Westley

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