The death of the tax disc

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There are a number of things you need to be able to ride a motorcycle on the road in the UK; one of those things is a visible tax disc. On the 1st of October this is set to change and having to display the paper tax disk on your motorcycle or car for that matter, is no longer a legal must. A new electronic system will be the replacement and it will house all taxed vehicles on a database easily accessible for the right parties.

Needless to say tax disc holder manufacturers are sure to take a hit but it will relieve the pain of having to stick an unsightly round device to your beautifully faired motorcycle, which for me personally is a big bonus! The changes will mean you'll have to keep on top of taxing your vehicle as you won't have the reminder staring you in the face every day. The new system is very simple and should help curve tax evasion, simple register the vehicle online and pay your dues.

If you decide to not get the vehicle registered beware as number plate recognition cameras can track every vehicle out there, so they'll know if you haven't!

29.09.2014 - Big Ed

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