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MCE Insurance

MCE Insurance, the number one provider of motorcycle insurance, recently has been undergoing some internal structure changes to continue the growth and success of the business. The most recent appointment is that of Simon French as Chief Marketing Officer.

Simon has been with the company for six years and has moved through a number of different roles from sales manager right up to Head of Sales and Marketing. Working closely with newly appointed product and marketing manager Hallam Knapp, Simon will continue to oversee operations coming out of the marketing department synergising this with sales. This synergy will give him the opportunity to react to customer's needs quickly launching products and campaigns as and when the demand arises.

MCE's Chief Group Executive Julian Edwards had this to say, "Simon has been with us at MCE for a number of years now and his ability to manage and steer departments in the right direction is plain to see. This new role will give him the chance to further his understanding as a champion of sales and marketing, taking feedback from customers and crafting it into new exciting products and campaigns. I look forward to seeing what successes Simon will bring in the next year as we branch into this new exciting chapter in our history."

21.01.2014 - MCE Insurance

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